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Special Issue on the Food, Nutrition and the Fight against CORONA Virus

Nutrition is an integral part of building strong immune system in the living organism and the nutritional content, volume, values and standards may vary across the geographical locations, climatic conditions and the cultural practices. Unfortunately, globalized tendencies have taken an upper hand over the local and community level food and nutritional habits and practices and several of our traditional ways of farming, processing, preparing and consuming nutritious food had changed over the years. Is there any need to have a serious retrospection of the nutritional needs across the geographical regions, giving precedence to the local food and nutritional values? The special issue on the ‘Food, Nutrition and the Fight against CORONA Virus’ focusses on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to the perspectives mentioned below. The journal invites the nutritionists, dieticians, agronomists, medical practitioners, academicians, researchers and students to contribute their findings as research articles, reviews, or case studies to this special issue.

• Globalization of food industry and the local challenges in meeting the nutritional needs
• Alternative food grain and their nutritional values in immunity building
• Traditional food preparation practices and preserving nutritional values.
• Community practices in food and nutrition in Africa to meet the health eventualities
• Asia and Asia Pacific perspectives of food and nutrition to fight health emergencies
• Food crisis and food security in the wake of Novel Corona Virus attack.
• Traditional nutritional practices of the Islam in building immunity to fight health emergency
• Local and community agenda for food and nutrition in health emergencies.
• Role of the NGOs and the nutritionist/dietician in preparing the community towards suitable nutritional food.
• Role of the Lifestyle/eating habits in immunity building
• Pediatric food and nutritional needs in the wake of Corona
• Geriatric nutritional needs to meet the Corona pandemic

Please file your articles as research, review or case studies to the special issue editor@medclinres.org. Research articles can be up to 7000 words. Review articles and case studies not exceeding 5000 words can be sent to the mailing address at the earliest.