Medical & Clinical Research

Volume 2, Issue 2
DOI : doi.org/10.33140/MCR.02.02.10
Title: Using Marijuana to cure Marijuana Addiction
Author(s): Kaufui V. Wong
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DOI : doi.org/10.33140/MCR.02.02.09
Title: Severe Acneiform Facial Eruption: An Updated Prevention, Pathogenesis and Management
Author(s): Chan Kam Tim Michael
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DOI : doi.org/10.33140/MCR.02.02.08
Title: Algorithm of Periorbital Area Rejuvenation
Author(s): ┼×eyda Atabay
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DOI : doi.org/10.33140/MCR.02.02.07
Title: Integrative Joint Organizational Platform of Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine in the Management on Recalcitrant Atopic Dermatitis
Author(s): Chan Kam Tim Michael and Yu Chau Leung Edwin
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DOI : doi.org/10.33140/MCR.02.02.06
Title: Evaluating the implementation potential of a transcultural tool for Tamil migrants with gestational diabetes mellitus living in Switzerland
Author(s): Augustina Ewere Ayogbe, Helena Jenzer and Leila Sadeghi
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DOI : doi.org/10.33140/MCR.02.02.05
Title: Health Care from a Systems Thinking Perspective
Author(s): Musfer Al-Shalawi
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DOI : doi.org/10.33140/MCR.02.02.04
Title: Hemodialysis Catheter-Related Sepsis
Author(s): Badi H, Marhoum El Filali K, Oulad Lahcen A, Marih L, Sodqi M, Chakib A, Amouzoune M, Asad K, Mtioui N, Khayat S, Zamd M, Medkouri G, Benghanem Gharbi M, Ramdani B, Safir S and Habbal R
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DOI : doi.org/10.33140/MCR.02.02.03
Title: When Gingival Recession Is Rescued By Periodontal Plastic Surgery: A Clinical Case Report
Author(s): Rahim O
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DOI : doi.org/10.33140/MCR.02.02.02
Title: The Influence from Sense of Coherence on Perceived Health after Prostatectomy A 5 Year Follow Up
Author(s): Liselotte Jakobsson, Petra Nilsson and Per Fransson
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DOI : doi.org/10.33140/MCR.02.02.01
Title: The Presentation of Misaligned Eyes in Children with Pervious Squint Surgery at Tripoli Eye Hospital
Author(s): Amal El Bahi
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