Medical & Clinical Research

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Volume 3, Issue 1
DOI : doi.org/10.33140/MCR.03.01.07
Title: The Impact of a Structured Balance Training Program on Elderly Adults
Author(s): Chris King
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DOI : doi.org/10.33140/MCR.03.01.06
Title: Endoscopic Findings Related To Helicobacter Pylori
Author(s): Alexandre Gomes and Thelma Larocca Skare
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DOI : doi.org/10.33140/MCR.03.01.05
Title: Fractional Laser As Laser Assisted Drug Delivery of Triamcinolone Acetonide in Keloid
Author(s): Zahra Ayu Lukita Sari, Allin Marlina R and Yuli Kurniawati
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DOI : doi.org/10.33140/MCR.03.01.04
Title: The Role of Medicine in Population Control and Civilization Building from the Dawn of Civilization until the Present Time
Author(s): Kevin Galalae
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DOI : doi.org/10.33140/MCR.03.01.03
Title: Procaryotic Diversity of a Remote Aviation Fuel-Polluted Lentic Ecosystem in Ibeno, Nigeria
Author(s): Ime R Udotong, Mfoniso P Uko and Justina Ime R Udotong
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DOI : doi.org/10.33140/MCR.03.01.02
Title: Aromatherapy Versus Pharmaceutical Interventions for Dementia Related Behaviors Translating & Integrating Scholarship Practicum
Author(s): Vanessa Veit
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DOI : doi.org/10.33140/MCR.03.01.01
Title: An Unusual Cause of Myoglobinuria
Author(s): Abhishek Dixit, Sanjay Wagle, Deepa Usulumarty, Shrirang Bichu, Parag Tilve and Viswanath Billa
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