Medical & Clinical Research

Volume 4, Issue 4
Title: Mucuna Flagellipes Chronic Diet Consumption Improves Exploratory Behaviour and Body Weight in Mice
Author(s): Aduema W, Akunneh-Wariso, C and Vidona WB
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Title: The Results of the Examination of Patients with eczema in Greece
Author(s): Salavoura Katerina, Laliotou Nikoleta and Xatzis Dimitrios
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Title: An Unusual Case: The Importance of Wrist Arthritis in Post-Polio Sequelae
Author(s): Mahmut Altuntas
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Title: Detection of Melanoma Skin Cancer with Deep Neural Networks
Author(s): Grism Patel, Pooja Ranawade and Yuling Yan
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Title: The Role of “Doctor-Industry Dyad” in Decreasing Health Care Expenditures
Author(s): Asma BAAZAOUI, Abdelfatteh TRIKI
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Title: Neuroprosthetic Devices: i-HAND
Author(s): Mustafo Mingbaev
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Title: Mindfulness and Ubuntu: Foundations for Inner Health
Author(s): Heather Greaves
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Title: Psychiatric Patients Boarding at the Emergency Department: Length of Stay and Consequences
Author(s): Huma Iram
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