Medical & Clinical Research

About the Journal

Medical & Clinical Research is an open access, peer-reviewed international journal publish articles related to general & scientific medical research and clinical practice. Medical & Clinical Research journal aims to publish scientifically written, evidence-based articles from all disciplines of Basic science, Clinical Research, Cardiology, Critical care medicine, Family Medicine, Geriatrics, Epidemiology, History of Medicine, Paediatrics, Translational Medicine, Nursing, Epidemiology, Healthcare research, etc.


Manuscripts should present novel findings addressing significant questions in medical & clinical research in the form of research article, review, case report, editorial, short communication, letter to the editor and others. All the papers are published after successful peer review by qualified researchers. The journal allows free access to its contents, offers a way to make data both freely available and highly visible worldwide, this will benefit the impact of your publication.

Medical & Clinical Research will make a platform for those involved in teaching or practice in the fields of Medicine, Clinical research, Healthcare or Clinical audit related to Research as well as organizational development and education connected to these areas of interest. It also publishes valuable studies in Cardiology, Neurology, Obstetrics and gynaecology, Surgery, Internal medicine, Orthopaedics, Infectious diseases and HIV/AIDs, Oncology and all related areas which comes under the journal scope.

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